Our new look - mini makeover


We've recently gone through a change in how we look and how we want to be seen going forwards. I thought it would be interesting to share what was behind this change and how we went about it.

Website designs shown on multiple devices

Two main factors drove this change: it had increasingly become clear that the existing style was too inflexible and did not lend itself to the much broader range of brews we are looking to explore. It was also becoming clear that the style no longer reflected the direction that we as a company were moving in.

Why change?

Simply put, we're looking to produce more products more often. We want to explore more of the old styles - bringing them up to date as well as producing more experimental brews. We needed a style that matched this more flexible, agile approach.

Secondly, the cost to produce the original style was too high. As much as we love the unique illustrations it was simply too expensive to keep on producing these - not to mention the time it took to launch a new label. We needed something that is simpler to produce, something that gives us a shorter lead time when launching new products.

The brief

So there was the brief - produce an identity that portrayed the company ethos better and design a label format that can be produced quickly but be adaptable to many different styles.

It's all too easy at this stage to jump straight into designing a new logo and labels but were keen to ensure that we at least made an attempt at capturing the ethos of the company - so we didn't end up with same disconnect between who we are and what we look like.

First thing first we wanted to explore the essence of the company - what is it we stand for?

Easier said than done!

Who are we?

Rather than spend days and days agonising over values, personalities, brand wheels and mood boards we had a few informal chats to capture how we felt about the work we do. The things that came out of this were:

  • Knowledge and expertise - brewing is a process that involves a huge amount of science and understanding of how different ingredients will behave under varying conditions. It doesn't matter how creative or experimental you are, without the knowledge and expertise, you'll simply not be able to execute and produce consistent quality products. The knowledge and expertise that we have is fundamental to everything we do.
  • Creating enjoyable beers - ok this is pretty broad and pretty loose. That's ok because we don't want to be tied down to a particular style. But we do want to remember that beer is for drinking and enjoying.
  • Sharing - The more people who enjoy what we do, who understand more about brewing, the better it is for us and the industry as a whole.

These three ideas gave us (well our designer) the basis for creating both the new identity and the label format. On a practical level we decided that we would still keep using the original labels for our existing products and phase in the new style over a period of time.

A new look

The new identity comes in two parts - the solo KNOPS and the crest. The solo KNOPS is big and bold whilst the crest hints at the tradition of brewing in a modern style.

New logo design - solo and crest New label design -front and back New label design -on bottles

The new label is on a white background - distinctive to many other brands but also represents the blank canvas we always start with when developing a new product. The format is very simple but underpinned by a well defined layout; a bold Knops and product name down the side, the style and ABV statement along the bottom and a space for imagery to reflect the product characteristics. This space has intentionally been kept open making it adaptable to many different styles, giving us great flexibility when creating new products.

All in all we feel that the new look is far more representative of who we are as a brewery.

It feels less constricting and there are plenty of ways it can evolve as we evolve.

Let us know what you think - [email protected]