Draught Stockists

We only brew beer for cask about once a month. It is difficult to say which pubs are stocking it at any particular moment in time. Here are some of the pubs that have stocked the beer:

Cloisters, Edinburgh
Halfway House, Edinburgh
Stockbridge Tap, Edinburgh
Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Blue Blazer, Edinburgh
Kay's Bar, Edinburgh
Bennet's, Edinburgh
Thomsons, Edinburgh
Cask & Barrel, Edinburgh
Cumberland Bar, Edinburgh
Cambridge Bar, Edinburgh
Malt & Hops, Edinburgh
Carriers Quarters, Edinburgh
Leslies, Edinburgh
Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh
Guildford Arms, Edinburgh
Abbotsford, Edinburgh
Cannon's Gait, Edinburgh
Jolly Judge, Edinburgh
Stagg's, Musselburgh
Cask & Barrel (Southside)
All of the pubs are worth a visit in their own right as they carry a good selection of beers and have great character.
I can't promise that any Knops Beer Co. beers will be pouring in the pubs mentioned but feel free to pay them a visit and ask.